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Why you should use CRM Software as your Innovation Information System

Innovation is improved with an information system to prioritize innovation ideas, track innovation prototypes, forecast market acceptance and measure innovation program success. You could create a custom innovation system, but a better idea is to append your CRM system.

Innovation starts by finding problems that matter, and then improving or creating products or services to resolve them. The best place to find the problems that matter is your customers. That's why CRM can help. It's the customer system of record, and when correctly implemented, manages all customer information in a way that can surface data to identify the most important problems that would benefit from innovative solutions. More CRM as innovation system...

Author By Chuck Schaeffer  Calendar 9/11/2022   Trackback Permalink   Hashtag Keyword #CRM   Filed In Posted in CRM Improvement



Seismic Shifts in the CRM Software Market

The beginning of a new year is a good time to assess the trajectory of the CRM software market. A clear understanding of CRM direction aids planning to tap into new capabilities, better leverages CRM software with other technology movements and can accelerate your business and systems objectives. Here are four market shifts that will impact the trajectory and value of CRM software. More CRM software market shifts...

Author By Chuck Schaeffer  Calendar 9/12/2022   Trackback Permalink   Hashtag Keyword #CRM   Filed In Posted in CRM



The Customer Relationship Management Evolution in 2022

There are a lot ways the Customer Relationship Management software market continues to evolve. But from my vantage point I find the most telling evidence of CRM software maturity is based on who benefits. And over three decades I have observed a clear pattern of evolving beneficiaries - from managers to users to customers to communities. More CRM evolution ...

Author By Chuck Schaeffer  Calendar 10/16/2022   Trackback Permalink   Hashtag Keyword #CRM   Filed In Posted in CRM










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