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CRM Search is a boutique consultancy made up of seasoned practitioners who bring decades of CRM software advisory experience to their client engagements.

In fact, the average tenure among our staff is 28 years of dedicated, full-time CRM experience. That's important because delivering services such as CRM evaluations or CRM software selections requires depth in business and software technology. Trying to figure out business strategy, process design, best practices or enabling technology on the fly creates risk and delay. Implementing a new CRM software system is committing the company to a years long decision so that decision needs to be right.
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Facts Not Opinion

CRM consultant recommendations without supporting data are just somebody's opinion. That's why our CRM software recommendations are backed with industry research, fact-based insights, evidence-based best practices and industry benchmarks.

We have been delivering CRM advisory services and implementing CRM software since 1988. The experience has been great, but any personal experience is anecdotal. To offer definitive CRM software selection insights quantitative research is also needed.

We perform three longitudinal (biannually updated) research publications related to CRM software selections.

  1. The CRM Software Negotiation Report reveals how the most successful buyers craft strategic CRM negotiation strategies to achieve concessions that increase business impact, reduce implementation risk and lower their total cost of ownership. The report also shares what CRM buyers actually pay for their CRM software.

  2. The CRM Failure Report discloses the top five reasons that CRM software implementations fail outright, fail to achieve their objectives or fail to deliver a positive return on investment. The report includes the insights to mitigate these common sources of failure.

  3. The CRM Software Benchmark Report quantifies CRM impact on business performance, segments CRM adopters into performance archetypes and shows how the Best-in-Class performers (i.e., the top 15 percent) use CRM software differently than their lower performing peers. The report provides evidence-based best practices that can be replicated to achieve Best-in-Class performance levels.

CRM Software Thought Leader

Lots of CRM consultants self-declare themselves to be thought leaders. But to be a thought leader you need to have a thought ... and lead with that thought.

Our purpose, passion and thought are all about the process to choose, purchase and implement the best CRM software for any given company.

To promote our thought, we publish CRM software articles on this site and others, engage with peers and customers on social network sites and perform three longitudinal research publications related to CRM software selections.

We have carved out a unique offering in a unique space. We've been in this business for a long time and are not aware of anybody else that focuses on CRM evaluations and CRM software selections; and certainly no one else that applies industry research to uncover the data, benchmarks, trends and evidence-based best practices, or that publishes and promotes the original research that creates the industry data and findings to achieve this important goal. We apply our findings and learnings into a proven framework that identifies the best CRM software based on a company's goals, requirements and constraints.

We don't follow the heard. We bring differentiated points of view, backed with research-based insights that form our unique services and unique value proposition. We love what we do.




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CRM search was like a compass that guided us to the right destination in the shortest route.

John Vogelbacher, President & CEO



CRM Search is our CRM Sherpa.

Robert McGovern, VP of Sales


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